About Vine and the Olive

Hi, I'm Christina, it's lovely you should stop by!

Vine and the Olive is a blog where good living, simplicity and photography come together in a little countryside village in France (not too far from Paris these days.) 

How did I get here you ask? 

In 2011 while still in Canada, I found myself in a new and apartment, seizing a moment in life to embrace beauty. It was in this setting where I had a dream, one of being in the south of France around a long table with people from all over the world, enjoying rest, a good meal and of course, my favourite, wine. I had grown up speaking French but hadn’t spoken it for years and I’d always said I wanted to visit the country, surely I had learned this language for a reason and here I was faced with a moment to choose. 

I made a list of what it would take to move and within a few short months I set out on a new adventure leaving my business on the west coast of Canada and finding myself in Provence. Armed with a camera and wide eyes.

I hope you’ll join me on this beautiful stroll through the french countryside …

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