Une nouvelle addition en France

There is no replacement for friends. It doesn’t matter what amazing place you are in the world, you will always long for the people you love the most to share them with. I have made some great new friends since arriving but it’s nice to have roots. I was thrilled when things worked out for Wilson to take a training course in Switzerland and not only that but she had worked it into her schedule to come for a visit! How lucky am I?

There are four girls in my life I consider the closest and she’s one of them. I get the sense that at any age we might still fight for sleepovers and whiskey tastings. Among other things we want to spearhead the movement for our girlfriends to make international trips every so often to get together. We’re hoping the rest will be on board but if not then I guess we’ll just have to take photos for them!

She arrived midday on a Thursday, I was lucky to have her for a WHOLE week. Gunta and Janis were kind enough to swing me past the airport (but not until we’d first stopped at Lafayette for gelato!) to pick her up and then we headed to Cannes before the long journey back up the mountain.

I realize that most of these things you may have already seen but it was nice that not only did Wilson get to see where I live but she got the true French experience of living in the country. She got to make bread with Olivier, we worked in the commercial kitchen with Christophe and we even weeded the Saffron garden. But when we weren’t working, we took to a cliff nearby and sat on the edge overlooking Pont-du-loup and Grasse and for 4 hours just enjoyed the view and I for one got a wee bit of a burn.

Also included were photos in Cannes as Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider (seriously!?) and a dance party in the commercial kitchen whenever Christophe left the room to some funny St. Tropez dance mix Flavie found for us.

Next stop? Italy!

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