I’m a day behind…

Oh well! Thankfully I never promised to write every day but for some reason I just had a bad week and couldn’t muster writing about it. I felt truly awful and I was pretty sure that any words I put on here would only make me feel worse about it. It started last Thursday after a very teary evening after someone said some things that really just shook my foundations at the core. I felt like I was immediately drowning and it wasn’t until last night I started to crawl out from that dark place. Finally yesterday it came to ahead and I called home in tears sitting in my car as the rain turned to sleet and eventually to snow. Somehow crying did help and I’d at that point reached out to a few friends, not for sympathy but just for catharsis so I could admit the pain and move forward.

Today I was thankful it just went so much better. There was snow on the ground, which just makes me ecstatic beyond belief and I walked the kids to school. Later Kari came and we worked on our business stuff for Christmas and I managed to pull together a GREAT booth set up for cheaper than ever before and I think it’s going to be great. It’s what I’d wanted to do but was feeling I wouldn’t be able to manage and with some mulling and playtime in the hardware store I came out $5 poorer and that’s it. $5, officially my cheapest booth concept yet. I always tell myself that some of the best ideas are free or next to free but I usually feel stressed and never make it but this time it’s going to be GREAT I mean it. Great. I’m so excited but I can’t show you just yet because I want to keep it covered up until Dec 4th!

What I can leave you with is a photo mishap from last night on my way to prayer. Gotta love a little bokeh effect!

On a sidenote I wish someone else could hear the kids playing with their dad right now… it sounds like ninja moves and scare tactics and tons of kid-laughter. Awesome!

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