à la campagne

I have officially moved to the edge of the alps. When the clouds are rolled back the view from the balcony rolls out Cannes and Nice and all the little villages that work up toward this little mountain range I now call home.

If I’m really honest it’s a bit of a strange place, a former new-age mecca of sorts for over 30 years that was very well established as well as being believed to have Druid roots long, long before that. So I live in a little room, with two beds, a wide view and my backyard is 600 hectares of free space. While I took a little tour around they showed me one particular rock wall where they find turtle fossils as once this place was under water. Crazy and so hard to imagine but it’s fascinating.

Unfortunately most of the photos were taken on a hazy day and so you can’t see any of the little villages but you get the idea. You’ll also see the large staircase that I run up several times a day! Working on building up my endurance I suppose when I’m not out hiking the trails in the yard!

Just wait until I tell you about some of the really great things happening around here though!

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