20 things you might not know about me…

  • I was once a synchronized swimmer, and yes, I did swim to the Copacabana
  • I am the youngest of three girls
  • I didn’t get the Canadian gene so I’m always cold
  • While I love many perfumes, I typically favour more “masculine” scents
  • I have a degree in Fine Arts for which I never took out a single student loan
  • I’ve never really enjoyed wearing clothing with logos and brand names.
  • Whenever I used to smell the duty-free shops at the airport, I felt like I was going home since I was always flying back and forth
  • My favourite feature is a beauty mark on one of my toes
  • I wish I had a home darkroom (but sadly I sold all my equipment years ago)
  • I love white and/or purple coloured flowers most
  • I hope to train to be a sommelier one day
  • My favourite dish is Cassoulet
  • I’m more known for jeans and t-shirts but I love to get all dressed up, makeup on, hair done and stay home. It’s just for me.
  • I love receiving mail. SO much. I’m always excited when the lady from the post drops something good in the box! 
  • If I weren’t living in France I could see myself in Florence
  • I haven’t coloured my hair for more than a decade
  • I feel more put together if I have good eyebrows happenin’ (they’re basically transparent without makeup)
  • The first time I flew to Europe, I felt “at home” even before I stepped out of the airport
  • I prefer odd numbers
  • When I was a kid I used to love wearing red gum boots and a blue tutu in the garden
  • I grew up on an island that is comparable in size to Holland (though not as easy to drive around)

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