Bringing Home Bébé Hospital Checklist

hospital checklistWe’re in the eighth month and that means it’s time to start packing for the hospital!

I had planned all sorts of posts I wanted to share but when it came down to it, we’ve been so busy entertaining family for full weeks at a time to finish reno’s, which means the baby room is finished and looking fantastic but it also means that now our room is torn apart with no ceiling and the drywall is just going in… oops (and still there are the tiles that need to be laid after that! But having said that I have to give a huge THANK YOU to my husband and family for all their hard work. I’ll be excited to share the final results when it’s fully furnished and we’re all settled in) So while we’re sleeping with our mattress on the floor in another room, hosting others in the guest room, I’ve been taking a course, working lots, going to weekly appointments and I’m still doing baby prep, but sharing it all seems to be the great challenge… It’s still possible these things will come trickling out bit by bit but in the meantime, the packing list has been a big one and one we couldn’t get around it because regardless of whether our room is done, this baby is going to join us one of these days. 

Having spent so many years needing to be ultra organized with my suitcases to make life in two countries work, I’ve become a big fan of lists and I always want to make sure I have what I need at the ready. I’ve tried to make this rather exhaustive but I’ve left room for you to add things that might be specific to your situation or hospital requirements, ours, for example, wants us to bring a bath thermometer!? Really…!? I’ve excluded it from the list because that’s what wrists are for… but if you want/need one – go to town!

If you choose to download the form it’s PDF fillable so you can check those boxes, you can add to it on your computer or you can simply print it out (made for letter size.) Feel free to use and share with those you know will be needing it as they too prep for the arrival of their little one! If not you can just reference the image below!

Download Here – Bringing Home Bébé Hospital Checklist

I hope this will be helpful to you if and when you should need it.  If you think I’ve forgotten an important item, be sure to mention it in the comments below. Like, share and pin away! 

Vine and the Olive Hospital Packing List

Vine and the Olive Hospital Packing List

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