cinq sens:sonores

Perhaps I was made very acutely aware of the five senses. Whatever the case there are a few simple pleasures in life I take a vast amount of joy from. This morning as I rose at 6.30am and stumbled upstairs to put on the kettle. It finally whistled and whirred and I filled up my french press eagerly awaiting the passing of four minutes for my perfect cup and you’d imagine my senses to be dulled still but the moment I poured it into my cup my mind floated back a million miles into the days where I worked at Starbucks. I worked at the busiest location in downtown Vancouver while I worked away at my degree. Working a job like this becomes monotonous because the tasks never change but you meet some great people transitioning through various stages of life. I would remember the regulars drinks by the way their accent would form the words so I’d imagine them speaking it before they ever said a word, “tall daaahk please”. But on early mornings my mind was much quieter as I woke up to the world around me and the sound of the rushing coffee pouring into cups gave me this feeling of calm before the storm. I love the sound of pouring coffee. I always hope that as I pour I’ll hear the sounds of it echoing against the sides of the cup because all other sounds haven’t woken up just yet. A few sounds in life give me this joy but this was probably the most recent addition to my collection.

As a child I remember loving the sound of walking on my best friends gravel driveway. I loved how the rocks ground together and I loved it even more when a car would pull up. She was the only person I knew with a gravel driveway but it was always something I looked forward to and then when we played outside along the bank we could hear her sister on her bike or her mom out walking. In the same way a hike over somewhat loose soil creates a similar sound or crunching leaves underfoot. It’s true… in fall I will walk oddly just to crush a leaf, I can’t help it.

And then there’s the sound of well worn pages. The best are the ultra thin pages of a bible which is well loved and it has this beautiful sound as the pages are flipped left and right as people scan for the next passage.

I love my senses and I truly love these simple sounds.

Good morning world, you sound lovely today.

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