Qu’est-ce qu’il ya dans votre valise?

It must be that my ears are tuned to hear the common refrain “what should I pack!?” now that I’m living in my suitcase all the time. While I’d love to say it has me packing lighter, the truth is, it just has me packing tighter and smarter. All my clothes are rolled tightly with bulkier materials rolled at the bottom, filling the spaces with lighter items and shoes on top! With 11 days of unknown adventure in front of me I decided to document what went in my carry on.


In my Carry on suitcase you’ll find:

-4 Pants (3 jeans, 1 Regular)
-2 Shorts
-3 Dresses (1 not pictured)
-1 Skirt
-2 Bathing Suits
-4 Sweaters
-6 Dressy Shirts
-1 Medium Weight Jacket
-10 Casual Shirts
-1 Jogging short
-1 Jogging Tank
-4 Bras (3 regular, 1 sport)
-14 Pairs of Underwear (I always bring extra for travel days)
-8 Pairs of Socks
-Toiletry Bag
-2 Scarves (1 light, 1 dark)

-2 Belts (1 big/1 small)
-2 Perfumes
-1 dressy purse
-1 Casual cotton purse (not pictured)
-1 Cloth Grocery Bag (not pictured)

-1 Pump
-1 Runner
-1 Sneaker
-1 Comfy Sandal
-1 Flip Flop (not pictured)

I should disclose that I also brought an attaché case with my laptop and large and point and shoot camera and many pesky cords to record the adventures! If I didn’t have that, I’m sure I’d have packed my carry on a little differently to make the room! The best part is that there was no forcing the zipper closed on this suitcase at all! What are your “must-haves” when packing your suitcase?


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