Creation in Isolation

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I think we’ve all probably seen our fair share of post-apocalyptic films or books but did any one of us ever imagine living through a pandemic? I can’t say that I had. I remember being a flight attendant through the Ebola outbreak or the Zika virus and both felt a bit scary but equally a bit distant and I think most of us felt that way at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. It hadn’t reached our doorsteps…yet. But as grocery stores empty and gloves and masks become more the norm… we’re (hopefully) all feeling the reality of the situation, we have a part to play in caring for those at risk.

Even this evening measures were introduced to close European borders and also to limit unnecessary movement within the country so we’ll be at home for at least two weeks with only the occasional outings for groceries or medicine. 

As in anything, if you look at it from the angle of being stuck, you’ll feel stuck and it’ll feel longer than necessary.

But even when times are tough there’s room for growth and newness.

Over on Instagram, I was recalling memories of the power going out as a child and while it felt daunting it usually worked out that we’d huddle around candlelight and play games at the coffee table or we’d heat some apple cider, that we’d frozen, on the woodstove and we’d end up really enjoying ourselves. So with that in mind, I started writing a list of way to pass the time through this season of quarantine (it still feels weird using that word.) These are just the first things that came to mind and I hope you’ll share some of your own ideas below or over on Instagram to help others to pass this time productively and joyfully. 

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