Last night Lauren and Kevin drove down from Squamish. I was out and didn’t join them until about 11.30. Both Lauren and I are sick so when I arrived she was on the sofa coughing away. While I love to live the natural lifestyle I have to confess… Buckleys extra strength tablets have been a great companion. I’m already feeling much better.

I only mustered about 4 hours of sleep before we rose early and packed the Element full of our things and headed for the ferry to the Vancouver Island. This weekend we are all making the trek back home for Nan’s memorial. It’s supposed to be a stormy weekend and thankfully we all made it to the Comox Valley before weather took out several roads and the power in towns across the island.

In keeping with this past year my mom and dad seem to have started up a new tradition of going for “family yoga” at the spa down the street. When it was first suggested to me, I think I was stunned and not sure I could appreciate it but it only took the one trip to realize this was actually a genius idea. We went again tonight and in the same fashion as my last trip I really had felt I had to drag myself to go. I wonder how many times I’ll have to go before my brain catches up and realizes that once the class gets going, I’ll have no choice but to enjoy myself? I walked in irritated, feeling like I didn’t want to take the time for it and left feeling like a rag doll wishing it could have been longer.

We came home to a house filled with the aroma of a delicious dinner. Dad made French onion soup (made with chicken broth so I could eat it!) and while there was also a roast chicken, broccoli and potatoes… the soup was more than enough for me and my tastebuds were so satisfied I couldn’t imagine ending on another note.

My body sinks lower and lower into the chair. Something tells me I’m ready for bed.

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