I’m not even sure it’s possible to sum up in words the last week.

Tuesday the 29th of November marked the day I had all four wisdom teeth removed, a day I’d been dreading but also longing to be done with. Thankfully everything went well and recovery has been mostly positive with just a few days of pain this week which sent me back in for a checkup and was deemed prescription worthy.

My mom stayed with me until Saturday morning and helped make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. Something I thought I could do without, and perhaps I could have… but I’m glad I didn’t!

As you might also remember I was prepping for a market. Well it was on Sunday and I was thrilled with the turnout and things went really well and I had Jen alongside me to help me set up and maintain throughout the day! It was such a whirlwind but I have to say that the highlight for me was most certainly the dinner we shared at the end of the evening. I know it was just dinner but it was one of those evenings you can’t recreate if you try. I leaned over the table and let it slide, “I’m in utter bliss right now. I wouldn’t change a thing” For some reason my heart leapt with joy. I was so happy to be in that moment with her. Comfort food ordered, a bottle of wine and great conversation in a warm and cozy restaurant. Not only were we celebrating a great day but her birthday from earlier in the week. Nothing about it was out of the ordinary it just felt perfect and while I was thrilled it made me realize I won’t have too many more of these on this side of the pond…

What I can be thankful for though is the fact that this joy spilled into both Monday and today. I couldn’t wait to get the kids in the kitchen and make meals and share with them my love of food or how much I really just adore them. It’s nice feeling like a pseudo-aunt. We made dinner, ate as a family and at the end of the night I read them a book and tucked each into their bed while their mom was taking a break.

It looks like I’ll be working all week at the day job. Others in my department are away all week and one has been in the hospital receiving tests for an infection of some sort. I’m not thrilled to be working each day but in the same it’s probably good to enjoy the added income. I’ve added the self portrait of me laying in bed thoroughly exhausted. Hoping to overcome those feelings soon so I can delve further into these travel books and plan the adventure that awaits me next month. Hello Regina! Hello Montreal! Hello France!

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