fermer un chapitre

It’s the closing of a chapter. I had a single tear fall down my face yesterday and I couldn’t quite place it. I think I’m honestly just a little overwhelmed. I’ve been looking forward to the next stage in life but it feels like I have so much to do, so little time and I know when I get back things will forever look different, just like the summer I moved to New Brunswick.

I picked up my visa yesterday afternoon, at long last they’ll take me!! With that out of the way I knew that as much as it pained me I’d need to start packing. I usually love it but with how many times I’ve packed a suitcase lately it’s rather daunting. To add insult to injury it now looks like clothing has exploded everywhere in my room and it makes me so anxious to walk into. I hate a messy room but here I am in mountains of clothing as I try and decide what I can pack and what I can send home.

The idea is so much easier than the practice of this. I was tempted to pour myself a small glass of scotch to at least celebrate the process but I refrained and watched Modern Family with Bev and Jay and let myself rest.

Speaking of exhaustion and lack of motivation (and having an incredibly sore back) immediately following dinner last night I saw the fireplace on in the front room so I laid on the carpet in front and fell asleep. Yeah… that’s right… I fell asleep on the floor prior to 7.30pm, or should I say 19:30?

Whoa. This day is finally here and I’m not sure I’m ready for it all…

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