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I’m so glad you decided to pop over from instagram. 

This is my personal blog started back in 2011 as I was about to embark on a move over to France for 6 months after quitting my “day job.” In fact, after that initial trip I came back and forth between France and Canada for 4 years before moving over here officially and settling in…

If you find yourself in France and want your portrait made, hop on over to Anthologie Portrait, where I keep my portrait work. If want to discuss a project or location – just shoot me an email. 

Whatever the reason that brought you here. Have a look around and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. 

To get you started either start here or I’ve compiled a few things I know to be true (being older posts, the thumbnails are pre-retina – so forgive the quality of the list below)

I have the best friends (and family) ever:



I love food and all things food related:



Every time I travel France I find one more place to love:



I have mad packing skills:



I was born in a beautiful place:



DIY is in my blood (thanks mom and dad!):

Merino Felted Slippers


 – Christina 








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