A few hours of sun and a walk into the city and back were all it took to see I’m a million times happier here where the crocuses have begun to pop up along the sidewalks and birds chirp in the trees outside neighbourhood windows. Maybe going away was enough to help me see things I could enjoy here a little more than I was. It might not be the big step I want it to be, but it’s a small step toward enjoying my days off. Nevertheless, the reality has begun to set in that I’m still in transition, I have suitcases overflowing with belongings and articles strewn between Calgary, Cloverdale, Vancouver, Squamish and the island – reminders that I’m nowhere near settled. The search for an apartment feels like dull aching bones that find no relief from modern medicine and don’t get me started on finding a roommate…

So instead of dwelling maybe it’s worthwhile to show the latest instalment of my aviation adventures. New York.

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