Le début

“I think this has been the best year of my life yet!”

I’ve said this many times over the last three years and each new year proves to be even better than the last. Change, for better or worse, it would seem is a true catalyst for greatness. Each mistake, each hiccup seems to lead me further into the good life. I know more now about who I am, what I value and care for than ever before. Each year I feel like I hit new heights and yet I’m probably just at the very base of it all. In each phase there are always the awkward moments that feel endlessly long and uncomfortable but they’re always right before the next big turn in the story. Today I am ever more thankful for this year. The year I found a job that brings me freedom and joy, that allows me time to earn and time to relax, to learn languages, to make fitness a priority and to cook to my hearts content and to explore the world. I am thankful for great friends and a wonderful boyfriend who is a lovely blend of funny, courageous, able, smart and romantic all rolled into one and that I get to enjoy each and every one of them even though they might be far away.

I’ve been excited to track the progress of so many goals, especially fitness, and I can see so much positive change!

Here’s to longer distances, more flavours, new places and trails and a whole lot of love. Can’t wait to see next year!

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  • AmandaSeptember 22, 2013 - 08:13

    Yes!! Love that this is your best year yet 🙂 enjoy and trust me, it only gets better!!ReplyCancel

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