Les poules!

I’d make a terrible pet owner I reckon, but somehow it doesn’t stop me from wishing that wherever I lived, I could have chickens. If it were just me, I’d forget to open or close the coop, I’d want to go away for the weekend but then not know what to do with them… They’d live a horrible life if it were just with me but the good news is that there are 4 of us and somehow one of us always seems to be home to care for them. Each of hens kindly supply an egg a day, for a total of 5 eggs each and every day! They are the brightest of bright yolks and the yummiest of eggy flavour and when you walk into the garden after they’ve been let out of the coop they come to your feet to greet you and and follow you around just like they are in the photo above. It’s so nice that the one ingredient I’m most picky about in the kitchen comes with the house!

I introduce the chickens!

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