mes pensées

I know I know… I haven’t even finished posting photos of Italy but I’m busy and loving life and I thought it worthy to say that these last few days I’ve been reflecting on my time here. I’m working for my old company in Paris all week but as I took the bus from home to Nice I sat there looking out the window of the bus over all the villages trickling down the hillsides in what still looks to be picture perfect, what seems to be made up of vibrant oil paints and I felt sad that one day I’d be on the bus, on my way to the train or to the airport on my way back to Canada and how much I’m not ready to leave and how much I love this life. It’s not because it’s a different life but because I feel like finally I’m seeing the me that I love, the one that dwells in the slower places, the classic but beautifully articulated foods that are an art simply because they are hand made and put together lovingly rather than looking like a piece of art that has no backbone. I long to know the next stage of life and what it’ll bring but I hope it’ll bring me back here. You’ve seen me have my hard days but truly the good outweigh the bad. This morning as I took a run through Boulogne I breathed in the cool crisp air and felt free. I didn’t feel judged, cornered or anything but free to be the person that I keep tucked away for the very few I allow in to this more intimate self. This is the person I love to cultivate and the person I want to know more. I hope this person brings about new and exciting chapters full of adventure and challenge that will ultimately pour over to others the goodness I feel in this moment.

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