Partie du chocolat chaud

I know this post has nothing to do with France but it does have to do with seasons of transition from December. Both Cheri and I were planning our time abroad and one of our favorite things to do together is to muck about in the kitchen. The night before she moved out of her apartment we hosted the Hot Cocoa Party so she had a place to invite her friends and some of our mutual friends together for a nice hot drink on a cold night. All guests were urged to bring a pillow and a blanket for comfort since no furniture remained and a mug!

We brewed up a few different types both dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cinnamon and I had made a homemade Irish Cream for a boozy rendition of the beverage! Cheri made up yummy marshmallows and we both worked on chocolate covered spoons with rock salt and toffee bits! YUM!

As for the photos I can only say that when the camera is turned on things happen that I can’t explain! Silliness ensues in the form of impromptu ballet, little narratives and big happy smiles all around.

Thought I’d just take a moment to remember many of those back home… seemed fitting!

Happy Sunday!

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