perdu mon souffle

I’m exhausted, just exhausted.

I spent hours last night trying to get things together for the big move. I made the grand error of starting in the bathroom deciding what I would need for the next while. If you’re a female you probably know what I’m talking about! I labored over every decision of “keep” or “toss.” So when everything from the drawers and cupboards were suddenly appearing as mountains on the counter and the floor I realized I’d probably been in there for a LONG time. Not sure exactly how long. But long enough that I had to leave the room.

Feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, tired and sore I moved on to the bookshelf to box up all my books and give myself some sense of small victory so I could carry on. It sort of worked and then I began to put some clothes in suitcases under the same principal and it reminded me my clothes were probably done in the wash and it might be time to put them in the dryer. Not five minutes after starting it somehow I started to smell burning. Really? Burning? Today?

So I stopped the dryer, sulked a moment and nearly collapsed on the floor in a fit of tears I could feel were trying so hard to well up. I managed to fend it off but it was certainly a challenge. So at the end of the night. I was in a room littered with all sorts of household goods and perched from every door frame were clothes hangers with sweaters, clothes, underwear and wool socks. What a nightmare.

To add insult to injury I awoke having felt like I’d been run over by a freight train and muscles all tense and sore from an obviously poor sleep. Oh Lord, time for a little bit of calm…

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  • michaelOctober 28, 2011 - 18:56

    The photo’s brilliant! At least something good came out if the process.ReplyCancel

  • Christina (Vine and the Olive)October 28, 2011 - 21:44

    Haha! Thanks! Now if only the house would look a little less “artful” and a little more empty…ReplyCancel

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