Setting the right tone with your wine photography

The winemaker is charged with using their expertise to create something elegant, punchy or memorable. You choose your own adjectives. It’s important to have images on your website, social media or in print that match that expertise so you’re not being overlooked before your wines have even been tasted. 

Part of why it’s important to hire a professional photographer and not just the friend of a friend who owns a great camera is that a professional is going to have some sense of how to put you in your best light especially one in your field. 

There are many considerations that go into branding shoots. When I discuss with clients I want to learn a few things about you so we can create a story that speaks to your ideal customer.

What is your brand message?
Who is your target market?
How are the images going to be used?
How do you want customers to feel when they’re enjoying your wines.
Are these cellaring wines or wines to drink over a barbecue with friends?

All these considerations matter and even the way in which we say it visually if we want the content to be effective.

Consider the two sample images below which are only subtly different. While the subject matter remains the same, someone casually laying on a sofa, presumably at the end of the day with a glass of wine. This is just the most basic of examples but something so simple as colour correction really does matters.

In the first image, the colours are slightly warmer. You could imagine someone watching a film and having a relaxing moment, a little “Netflix and Chill,” with their favourite red wine. In the second image, the shadows are more intense, the colours much cooler and moodier. This image sends more of a lonely and negative message, one you don’t necessarily want to send to your clients even if the content itself is identical.

When you hire a professional photographer you also get their experience with creating a mood and knowing how to showcase the right one for your brand. There are many online trends, some that might favour cool and muted images but used in the wrong context, you could send out the wrong message. 

commercial wine photographercommercial wine photographer

So when it’s time to create your visual branding be sure to discuss the kinds of wines you’re making, the way you want to make your customer feel, and a little about who you are as a winery so you can avoid sending the wrong message and turning clients away. The more details a client can give me, the more clearly and easily I can create the images that speak your brand message loud and clear so you’re creating a connection with your customers and they become your biggest fans, the ones who will buy by the caseload.

If you need help creating a clear message for your winery be sure to go over to the contact page and send me a message to get the ball rolling.

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