Maybe it’s just me, mom and Wilson but we all seem to be compiling a list of countries we’ve visited. Mine isn’t too long just yet since I really only had one neighbouring country for a long time and going overseas or overland was a bit more of a trek when you’re paying for flights among other things, so when I noticed a little blip on the map between France and Spain, tucked in the Pyrenees you know exactly what I was thinking.

Why do people ever stop in Andorra? Good question. I wasn’t too sure either. I eventually learned it’s a popular location for the French to go for cheap liquor, tobacco and designer clothing. It was a difficult country to enter with steep, steep hills and flooded by French families trying to get in so thankfully dad drove this part since in a manual vehicle it was a feat to get going or keep going.

I never officially checked to see the tobacco prices, wine seemed the same as anywhere else and no one was looking for designer wares so I guess I missed the opportunity for living large. Around every corner, if not a shop, it’s a ski resort. Every hairpin has one of it’s own with lots of condos to house all the tourists. It was quite a departure from what we’d been seeing and with it also came a rather sudden change in weather. Before we knew it hail was barrelling down from the sky like falling pucks. In a brief run from the parking lot to the McDonalds (no more than 10 meters) for a bathroom break and caffeine fix, my shoes were sloshing with water inside and the rest of me equally soaked. While I think we all probably tried to capture it in photo or in video nothing seemed to do it justice for me but I can assure you it was pretty amazing.

We didn’t stay too long, just long enough to taste-test sangria, a few cured meats, cheese, fill up on cheap diesel and find postcards (which was far more difficult than any other place we visited) and realize that we better keep going to make it to a hotel in France before sundown. It was also long enough to realize that my Spanish is terrible nowadays and that I was going to need to brush up before we officially hit Spain.

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