Une pluie diluvienne et le côté créatif…

Mood: Pensive and Restless
Weather: Sideways Rain
Cooked: Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad, Zucchini Noodles with Braised leeks, Crusty Golden Bread
Music: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong as provided for by Janna

The fall rolled in quickly and I roll ever more slowly out of bed in the morning as I feel the chill outside the comfort of my warm duvet.Today being Saturday, everyone is home and we’ve all been working hard at ideas to keep warm without turning the heat on too soon in the season. Dancing? Layers? Whiskey? …I choose to put myself in the kitchen next to the stove where I could take in all the heat I could get. I can say I now understand what it’s like to live in a house with no apparent insulation: sweltering in the summer and even the mildest chill feels like a bitter cold in the fall. It’s a good thing I own layers! At least in the French stone houses, I could light a fire!

As it happens every years, the cold weather brings with it a desire to be creative so I can keep warm inside while the streets rush with rain water. While I’ve brought much with me to this house, I don’t have all the luxuries I’ve been known to have so as I look through my list of ideas of things to craft I have little to produce them with. It’s true that sometimes lack helps us to be all the more creative and I’m hoping that it’s no different today. I’ve been considering making rubber stamps, or to draw. Drawing has forever been a sore spot for me. I remember entering art school and being terrified of having to draw in front of others. It takes me such grave effort to come out with anything I remotely like and I’d really love to be able to sit in a park and draw what I saw, the people who cross my path, without fear there’s someone having to witness what I’m scrawling. Admittedly, my lack of effort in trying to get better doesn’t help me any. I think, occasionally, I’d like to practice… provided I could keep all these doodles hidden until they’re remotely worth sharing. As has been my hope for some time, I’ve wanted to learn to do more with less and if that means being able to draw something when I’m restless, I’d like to be able to do it. Thing is, I don’t particularly enjoy the process of trying and failing for extended periods of time…. Does anyone? But when I do improve, it’d be nice to be able to keep great travel journals that are beautifully written and drawn in and so artfully put together. So it’s not a matter of if, but when.

I guess that settles it, I MUST draw today.

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