Week 2 of the Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

september capsule wardrobe experiment

It’s week two but it feels like I’ve been doing this for so much longer somehow. It still remains mostly easy though I have had moments where I’ve panicked because the weather, as anticipated, is nothing like I expected. It’s been in the 30’s all week and I’m hot so living in Sandals has been helpful but not having shorts is hard. I knew this might happen. I have been falling back on my yellow capris a lot and that has also been helpful. As was the case last week I’ve been enjoying my weekends for family/project time but I did manage to get a quick photo on Saturday (day 10.) Not a great one by any standards but instead of worrying about lighting etc I took one shot and left it at that. The three of us had biked a significant distance in the blazing heat to the top of this plateau where there was a beautiful lookout and I think I speak for Jeremie and I when I say we were more interested in our two cold beer and making sandwiches on our picnic than about taking a photo all hot and sweaty. It was just fine by me!

Things of note – I’ve decided that I LOVE my carrot pants. They’re so light and comfortable and I could wear them every day. I never thought I’d say that about a pair of pleated pants. If you haven’t tried a pair I recommend  you do. They’re versatile and pretty flattering both worn dressed up or down. Versatility for the win! Also, I bought these high waisted jeans when I went shopping with my mom in July and I have to say, they’re really growing on me. I was worried about high waisted anything as I’ve complained about stomach aches for years when things are sitting so high and I won’t say it’s perfect… but they’re pretty stretchy and actually not so tight on my stomach so I’m willing to accept a little change. I might also add that pants that don’t reveal my bum when I bend over in my 30’s is also greatly welcomed. 

Well I hope you guys are well into contemplating your own wardrobes. I’m curious to know what happens after this experiment is all over. Do I drastically overhaul my wardrobe and make a huge donation to a thrift shop? What will it feel like to bring everything back in? Maybe I won’t be able to go back to a regular wardrobe. I’ve bought a new sewing machine, perhaps I’ll have to tailor everything to be just-so. As usual I’d love your thoughts below!

september capsule wardrobe experimentseptember capsule wardrobe experimentseptember capsule wardrobe experimentseptember capsule wardrobe experiment

september capsule wardrobe experiment

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