Wine books on my reading list: part 1

Hitting the wine books

My reading list keeps growing these days, especially if we’re talking about Wine. Being a regular at the wine shop is part of wine learning but I have found that the more I learn, the more I want to do a deep dive into all the related topics.

I’ve been debating for ages about which wine course I’d like to take next. French Wine is my primary interest but I also want to better understand the industry as a whole.

As I’ve been debating whether to apply for the French Wine Scholar program or the WSET 3, I just kept coming across more and more wine books.

So here I am, with this list of wine books to share with you and the conclusion that I really just want to take both courses. It’s not either/or, it’s both.

If you’re into the subject of wine, here are a few of the titles I’ve come across and a little blurb about them.

Reading List

Bursting Bubbles by Robert Walters. This title explores Champagne produced by growers in contrast to the large Champagne houses. As my husband is from Champagne, I’m curious to better understand the region and this looks like a great place to start!

Flavour by Nick Jackson MW. I’ve always wanted to learn the art of blind wine tasting and this book is often recommended reading. Who better to teach about blind wine tasting than a Master of Wine himself!

The Botanist and the Vintner: How wine was saved for the world by Christy Campbell. Phylloxera nearly took out the wine industry in Europe. This book is set in the 19th-century France following the botanist who discovered the louse killing the vineyards.

Drunk by Edward Slingerland. Are you intrigued by the title? Me too! How did intoxication create the world we live in today and spark creativity, connection and lower our inhibition. I for one, am curious to find out!

So next year when you ask me what I’m reading, I hope I’ll have a little more to tell you about one of these books, if not a little more about my next wine course. 2021 and 2022 have been full of great learning and here’s to another excellent year of diving deeper into wine! Eventually I’ll have to add a part 2 with more great titles to look for!

*Please note that I’ve used affiliate links in this post. The books won’t cost any more for you, and I hope it allows me to share more great content with you in the future.

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