It’s 10.45pm, October 21st and tomorrow marks the first day of ground school. I studied many hours leading up to this, ensuring all my pre-reading and exams were complete. Now that I’m finally here I wonder if my brain has retained anything at all. Memory has never been a strong suit for me. I can only hope that everyone else isn’t miles ahead of me. Since I figured I’d have enough to worry about tomorrow I prepared my breakfast and lunch this afternoon, I’ve set my clothes out, pulled out the address for the campus and I’m hoping I don’t find myself feeling flustered.

Thursday night, after arriving in Vancouver a few friends and I got together at Jenn’s house for one last hurrah before I left for this new province. It was good to have one last “see you later.” We drank wine, ate cheese and various “in-flight” snacks and the boys even played a few tunes! Since my arrival in Calgary, I have been faced with the reality of winter. Saturday it snowed, all day. What remains is only a dusting but it’s not even Halloween yet! It was a sharp reminder I don’t have a proper winter coat yet. Clearly we’ve had some mild winters in Vancouver lately and the rain jacket and peacoat sufficed. Thinking back to university I remember the bone chilling winter that had me more like a mytroshka doll than a student as I’d wait for the bus before the sun had risen. One day I’ll probably look back on the cold Calgary mornings hands in mittens gripping onto the steering wheel waiting for the heat to kick in. Anyways, here’s hoping I’ve got what it takes to do this job… Will report more after orientation. Now, it’s time for one last review and bed.

G’night all!

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