Once again I find myself sitting on the patio with the soundtrack of the waves crashing and the sun setting over my left shoulder. I can’t help but wonder what this might look like had I come here with Cheri. She loves Hawaii and for years we’ve wanted to do a picnic road trip though we had never discussed such a tropical destination. As we’ve driven around the island it has becomes obvious that food is everywhere. If Cheri were here we’d have plenty to forage for and our dinners would not only be full of beautiful colour but exotic flavours to boot!

The day has been quiet and lazy. I woke up all too early and the only real accomplishment I made today was finishing,”Le Petit Prince,” beyond that I went sunbathing around the pool and out for ice cream in town. My skin now has that familiar sticky feeling it would get in the south of France during the heat of summer. Yuck!

The one goal I have for this trip… to crack a coconut. I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance but I keep hoping all the same and Jay has been earnestly looking for any loose ones he can shake from the trees.

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