Vacances à Kona, Hawaï

Working for an airline has its perks. I suppose it was a given but I never really thought about how it would really play out in the future. Before moving to France I lived with Bev and Jay in their basement when I gave up my apartment in Langley. Both they and the kids, Lili and Caleb, are easy to love and I joined in for movie nights, family dinners and occasionally sent Mom and Dad packing for date nights while I picked the kids up from their friends house, read stories and put them to bed. In a way, I feel a sense that I’m like a faux-aunt to them and they know that when I’m around I always need my sous-chefs.

In any case, I haven’t lived with them for over a year but a few months ago Bev asked if I’d be up for a little family vacation to Hawaii. I hemmed and hawed, worried about overspending when I’ve only just begun this job but, “the extra room would remain empty,” I was told, if I didn’t show and so I might as well come. Arm twisted 😉

I arrived last night after flying standby Calgary-Vancouver and then finally on to Kona being spoiled by the flight attendants with wine and good humour and an row entirely to myself where I curled up and watched a couple films. Standing outside the airport in the balmy weather I heard the familiar voice calling my name and I looked up to see Bev waving from their rental car. When we walked into the condo and the balcony doors were open you could hear the violent crashing of waves just outside and that familiar sound always seems to wash away any unwanted feelings I ever seem to carry.

In the morning I woke up and greeted Jay and the kids and we set off for Volcanoes National Park. As a teenager I’d climbed Pacaya in Guatemala and yet this volcano was nothing like it. It was a slow and steady hill that hardly seemed tall at all and the crater was low and wide. As was expected, being American, this site was heavily roped off, keeping us from inhaling any sulfer. Guatemala, on the other hand, was devoid of any real protection and I allowed the least trustworthy person in my group hold one arm while my other hand put a camera to my face and I held my breath leaning as far toward the crater as I could to get a photo of the lava. This probably wasn’t wise, but I haven’t regretted it.

After seeing the crater we ventured off to see the steam vents, walk through a lava tube and eventually made it to a black sand beach where, Caleb especially, loved catching a glimpse of the sunbathing turtles.

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