A bientôt Côte d’Azur

Well, regrettably I say, today is my last full day in the Riviera for this leg of the journey. I’ve already said a few goodbyes and so far, that’s been okay but I know it’ll hit me the moment I get on the plane tomorrow when I have a few moments alone to reflect that I’ll feel the sadness of leaving the sun and the adventure. In talking with Cheri the other day we talked about how in a new culture, varying degrees of language difficulty and a slightly different routine you’re forced to deal with both the very high highs and the gruelling pitfalls of the self you thought you’d overcome years ago. So while I’ve seen the ugly sides of my personality I’ve also had the time of my life. Today I am spending the day in Théoule-sur-mer (next to Cannes – nicer beaches) for a “pique-nique” with Sandrine, her boyfriend and Raphael, one of my roommates who you don’t hear about much because he’s often not around on weekends. So a picnicking we will go and if I’m lucky I might get one more swim in the Mediterranean. Bikini’s on!

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