Bilbao, Espagne

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve updated and so much has happened since. I won’t go into details just yet but I have a lot of people, places and things on my mind a little good, a little bad and a little confused. When in doubt, cover the bases!

When I left off with my last travel post I hadn’t quite made it into Spain just yet but don’t worry we didn’t get stopped at the border between France and Spain (especially when they hardly exist!) Since visiting the Guggenheim villa in Venice, Italy sometime around 2003, I’ve had Bilbao on my mind. I’d been worried it wouldn’t happen because it was sounding like we didn’t have the rental car too long but as it turns out, mom made an error in how long it was rented for and it gave us an extra couple days to work with! One thing I never imagined about Spain was how frustrating the driving would be. I can’t quite describe it, I’m not sure if it was purely the city or the GPS but either way it was horribly confusing and their signs changed incessantly and it had both dad and I near wits end.

After a dizzying time trying to get parking, after several attempts at turning the wrong direction down one way streets and avoiding street cars we we safely tucked away and ready to take on this new culture. As we stepped up onto street level we could hear Spanish music blaring close by and a large crowd of senior citizens. Probably one of the cutest sights you’ll ever see is thousands of seniors dancing in the streets. We couldn’t help but stay and watch a while. If only this happened in North America but I really can’t imagine it.

As I probably already mentioned in a former post. My Spanish wasn’t what it used to be and because in Spain the pronunciation is so different I felt so silly even saying thank you, as it just sounded to me like I had a terrible lisp. While I felt entirely lost in the language department I was so wrapped up in the sounds and sights of Spain.

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