à danser

{last photo of myself in the old place}

No one is ever too good for a good bathroom self portrait.

With a big camera is seems like it’s the easiest way to make it work and be mildly in focus. It was a short lived trend in the old townhouse but it was great to be in photos with some of my favorite people!

It was so nice having Jen over last night. Even though I was such tired company and we watched a slow film and just kept it low key. In contrast are some photos of the night Wilson, Jen and I went out dancing and it was so hilarious and silly and something we all admit is a rarity for us to go and experience. Jen and I were talking about a love of wedding dance parties because somehow creepy males are few and far between at weddings and there’s just a lighter atmosphere. I couldn’t agree more. There is something about being able to dance and have fun and have your personal space respected.

This week I’m looking forward to making mens shaving bars for a local company, a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon and tonight I’m headed to a potluck for a recently engaged friend out in Ladner!

Hope to catch a few moments and maybe I’ll even get out with my film this week and try my hand at the real deal once again.

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