It’s nearly 2pm and I’ve still yet to have my shower. My hair is atrocious.

Amy’s potluck on Saturday was a lot of fun. Her and Dan were recently engaged on Halloween and so we all gathered for food but also so she could tell us all the details. I should admit I wasn’t really feeling any particular affinity for food in general after my stomach was revolting from having eaten wheat all week. Regardless, Cheri, Janelle and I arrived fashionably late (okay, 2 hours late…) for the celebration.

Sadly the mason jars were all used up by the time we showed up so I poured myself some wine into a tea cup and filled a plate with foods that I both could and should not eat and socialized with a crowd I’m not too intertwined with. I was thankful that at least I knew a few since some of them I don’t think I even gathered names for before the evening was over.

Now I don’t know about you, but typically “jam sessions” don’t rate very highly on my list of things to do. Not that they aren’t fun but that usually they become these events where a couple people are so into what they’re doing and no one else is gathered in. The exclusive group then go on to play songs you’ve never once in your life heard but not so on this occasion. One of Amy’s friends had a banjo and they were fiddling around with it before we’d arrived and when they saw Janelle had packed her Ukelele for spending the night at her brother Ryan and Robyn’s house, they invited her to join them. Before long the Ukelele case became a percussion instrument and then at next glance Ryan had overturned a Rubbermaid bin for an additional drum, then a bottle of soup mix, three jugs, spoons and voices galore to create a full fledged jug band. What usually seems like an exclusive “club” ended up being far more entertaining than I could have imagined. I’m glad I didn’t miss out.

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