Bientôt les vacances de Nöel!

As always, like waves to the shore I find myself ever drawn back to Vancouver. My appearance here came just on time for the annual snowfall and it is just a week before Christmas. This isn’t helping the case for Calgary… I admit, I still feel like I’m choosing from the B list since none of these choices are my number 1, but I have forever loved snow and snow in Vancouver, well it’s just especially pretty when all the trees are lit, streets are bustling with Christmas shoppers and life slows down just a little bit (though slow for Vancouverites seems to remain a break-neck pace.) and evening settles in early.

So I came on time for wintery walks all wrapped up in my down coat, wool hat and grey mitts to brave the cold and wet slush that flooded sidewalks and gutters alike, but of course there was the addition of the umbrella, a necessary component around here. I’ve somehow managed to see a few more friends than usual, watch a couple films with Robyn and Ryan and make the trek to Langley and back. It seems even in my time off, I’m flitting about trying to fit everything in (apparently another sign of where I’ve spend my last several years…) and while I feel mentally in the game as a flight attendant, my body is slow to adjust to all the new germs and I’ve been sick for over a month and tomorrow I will start round 4 of antibiotics… First the upper respiratory lung infection, then an ear infection, then fluid in my lower lungs and this morning… I woke up to a sore throat and assuming I was dehydrated but having no desire to wake up before 7am, I tried to lay there but when I tried to swallow a second time I realized it felt like there was a lump in it and something was just really off… so before I headed for the glass of water I took a flashlight into the bathroom with me to discover white speckles everywhere… strep throat!

I’m officially immunocompromised. Lucky me.

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