Chez moi

As promised a post about my abode.

Today it’s the 21st. I now get to count down 10 days until moving day. I’d like to say I’m stressed but I feel confident that it’ll work out somehow. I’ll find a place to live and it won’t be so bad… after all, it’s only two months!

So what’s there to say about this place? As always, it’s in Langley, you know, the confused city that isn’t sure if it’s farm land or industrial park city? Yeah that’s the one. But in as much as I never thought I’d live here, my job is here and when you see a little English row-house styled townhouse you can’t help but fall a little bit in love, even if it’s right in the town center of a city that confuses you. Amidst a strange neighborhood lay this cute little building across from the Starbucks and the grocery store, across from a best friend, with lots of light, infused with my character and only a five minute bike from work.

Even I can go for this.

But just to keep it in an honest state. I posted a photo of the moving madness. There’s going to need to be a lot more where that came from!

More than any other place I’ve lived in, this feels a little more like me. I didn’t purchase any furniture or anything specifically for this place I just moved the old into the new and rearranged the artwork. Given more time and energy I’m sure I would have really transformed it but I like it as it is. In as much as this is for you to see where I live, this is for me to remember all the great memories I’ve had in this place and to document it before all the furniture is gone.

I wonder what my next place will look like? I’m not talking about the one locally until I leave (though of course I’m curious about that too) but homestead abroad. I’m even more eager to see where I end up after my volunteer internship. What kind of home might I be building? I can only hope it’s a little bit rustic, a little bit industrial and a little bit equipped to have a VERY large table.

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