du blé

After a night of looking at my stomach in the mirror and thinking “Dear Lord! Immaculate conception!?” I’d decided I need to cut wheat out a little longer. I’m convinced it won’t be forever but I think I tried to take it back into my diet too fast. For three days I felt great so I can say there’s hope and it will be healed. So like anyone who’s in pain I decided to cut back for a bit. Take the wheat out for a few more days and try with faro or something less processed when the time feels right.

I make myself and egg for breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee and race off for work and before I even get settled my coworker turns to me and in her hand is a bag from Tim Horton’s “here! We got you a bagel”

Great… well my efforts to avoid wheat should probably be counted by minutes or by seconds it was so pathetic but it felt rude to dismiss her gift of breakfast. Sigh. So I can crack immaculate conception jokes for yet another day. That’s an even trade, right?

Last night was Cheri’s birthday and after a few viewings of the place I decided to tackle the turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving and since I never did post thanksgiving food photos you’ll have to enjoy them along the more recent goodies like the roasted chickpeas! –> Not we did some birthday baking but it was a bit of a sore spot so maybe it’s not worth mentioning. Sometimes gluten free goods just aren’t well… good.

It’s interesting, I have this reputation in the kitchen and I don’t mean to devalue the words of friends, but I don’t think I quite live up to what they believe of me. I just like food and I like discovery and food can serve as a new daily discovery if you let it. So I made a mirepoix (for those unfamiliar it’s a French name for onions, carrots and celery as a starting point for things like soup) and added plenty of fresh herbs and spices and I felt, for a moment, I was writing a cookbook. I took a few photos along the way and enjoyed chopping and sweating off the items in a large stock pot releasing the aromas into my townhouse. YUM! Please tell me there’s more food in my future!

…Tomorrow I show off where I live!

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