Collioure et Perpignan, France

After traversing the Pyrenees a second time we found ourselves back on the Mediterranean for one final day in France before hopping on the train back into Spanish territory.

Perpignan left much to be desired but thankfully it served only as the hub where we would be catching the train and staying in a most random hotel, with furnishings and linens that had me a bit taken aback. We all just suffered through the unbearable heat of the rooms, fans turning as quickly as they could, because we knew we would enjoy the next part of the adventure. Instead of trying to convince ourselves to take a liking to this village we opted for a more sympathetic, Collioure.

We peeled ourselves out of the car and into the hot air heading nowhere in particular so long as it was closer to water. We sat along a little inlet to eat savoury crepes and enjoy the shade of a large umbrella before wandering through the mess of cobblestone streets to see a few of the many beaches. It was short, but sweet and it makes you wish you had time for more…
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