De l’Espagne à la France


San Sebastian
After a short ride back from Bilbao we settled not long from the border in the town of San Sebastian. After some difficulty trying to find a place to stay for the night we ended up hitting the jackpot. The timid girl behind the counter at the first hotel was so helpful and ended up getting us a two bedroom apartment with full kitchen, living room and… laundry! We were delighted to have space to put our feet up, wash our dirty clothes and walk along the promenade toward the market in the morning and for a good dose of caffeine. I would gladly spend more time here in the future.


As a last stop on the western coast of Spain we decided to walk along the waterfront of Hondarribia, which looks across the bay to Hendaye, France. While it was cute, it didn’t compare to San Sebastian.


Hendaye, to me, sounded like it should have existed in Japan, not France but it was such a gem! Unassuming but yet it provided a beautiful coastline we couldn’t resist but to stop and picnic upon. While we didn’t have much time before crossing back through the Pyrenees we had to pull over a few times to gawk at the stunning jagged rocks and the occasionally pastoral views. I felt like I was in the maritimes of Canada for a brief moment.
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