endroit de bonheur

Happy Place. Happy Place…

It’s not even 8.30 in the morning and I’m already having to tell myself to have a good day. The coffee gremlins are out at work and since discussing back in October with my boss that I’d be leaving for France it was decided that I would move my desk to let the integration of our department and another begin. Sadly this move also makes me closest to the door so while I don’t sit in reception it gets assumed I’m the receptionist. There’s nothing wrong with the job except that it’s not mine. Finding out who our coffee provider is, and why we don’t have any left in the lunchroom is not something I’m familiar with but when you get asked this many times… you just make it your job to find out just to stop the constant nattering in your direction. If you want coffee… go to Starbucks.

So instead I post a photo of Green Lake in Seattle. I really love this place I always find it unexpected and everyone was happily walking, biking or otherwise rolling by. As for me, on this particular day, I was sipping a glass of wine in the grass and watching the sun set and I placed a few rounds of bocce. That day there was no coffee shortage, I was not “acting receptionist,” it was warm out and I relaxed for a weekend.

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