un départ

I thought this day might never come but at long last it has! It took me nearly an entire day to figure out what flight and what airline and how much and what kind of baggage I’d be allowed to carry with me but I’ve done it. I’ve booked all my flights! I leave on January 17th for part one of my journey in Quebec!

So much yet to do! I’ve contacted friends and family in Montreal so I can be shown around a little bit since it’s been so many years since I was last there and frankly I hardly remember much more than cobblestone streets, beaver tails, a stolen van, booking hotels for mom and dad and street musicians everywhere and lots and lots of stairs.

While my mom was here for the week she lent me some of her travel books for France so I keep meaning to look a little more closely at them but my book list is growing more than it’s shrinking despite my best efforts. Soon enough I’ll get to it… right?

And another day is over. Maybe Friday I’ll go and apply for my Visa! Hooray! Finally I’ll be back in traveling mode it’s been too long. Too long.

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