Japon v1.4 / Japan v1.4

Only in Japan can you make a drawing, scan it and watch it come to life in animated form seconds later. I felt a little like a child in my excitement to see the Asimo the Honda robot. I’ve heard about him so long I wanted to see it for myself, I wasn’t, however, quite prepared for the more life-like robots on display complete with moving eyelids and lashes. Still a little creeped out… It was our last day spent in Japan before everyone headed for their respective flights but it seemed to sum up a little of what we all think of when we think of technology in Japan.

We had a trip full of experiences from a Tuna auction business dinner in Tokyo where Jérémie so bravely tasted tuna marrow to playing rock, paper, scissors to win prizes, pachinko madness, late night karaoke, endless walking, the great buddha hall, geisha (and their trainee) spotting in Gion and lots and lots of good food. If we go back, I insist on seeing the Japanese Alps.

Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation:

VOP_8291honda robot tokyo

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