do you know how to pack your inflight survival kit?

Do you know how to pack your Inflight Survival Kit?

Inflight survival kitInflight Survival Kit
“Wow you must really know how to pack,” is often the line I hear when people find out how much I fly. It’s a long commute, usually about 23 hours door to door. There’s no telling that I have to be organized to make it all work and if you’ve ever seen my evernote files on my phone – you’ll know there are photos of everything in my closets so I know what’s where when I’m packing so I don’t end up bringing things I don’t need, or worrying that I’ve lost something along the way. 

Part of being organized means I plan for the travel itself and I try to be prepared for anything. I’ve been fortunate with some great seats in flights and other times, not so much, but with my IFSK (inflight survival kit) I’m ready for just about anything. 

When it comes to the long haul flights I like comfort in large doses and so over the years I’ve been perfecting my IFSK in order to make the most of my commute. I’ve put it together from a few items in hotel rooms, the duty free counters or things I had kicking around. This kit it designed to make it easy on the low-cost carriers right up to the cushier companies and allowing you to deplane at the airport feeling at least a little bit fresh and ready to go.

The best part is that what you don’t use in flight might come in handy during your travels anyway. All of this fits into my small little pouch and it’s always at the top of my carry-on ready to be pulled out before I put anything away in the overhead bin.

Here’s what I pack in my survival kit:

-Eye mask (and earplugs – not pictured)
-face cream
-hand cream
-headphones (with travel jack – mine are noise cancelling by Sony)
-makeup remover wipes
-facial hydrating mist
-my favourite bite lipgloss
-a pen
-USB/wall phone charger
-perfume (best used after disembarking due to allergies)
-hair elastics/pins 

-Eye drops
-Melatonin (goes in special “pill” case, great for jetlag)
-Advil (goes in special “pill” case)
-Sinus medication
-Saje Peppermint Halo (miracle headache cure)
-Purell Wipes

And one item I wear onto the plane is a large infinity scarf from lululemon that snaps together that doubles as a great blanket for when it gets a little chilly. It’s also a great convertible piece that’s great for your travels (there’s even a way to wear it as a shirt!)

Is there anything you put in your survival kit that I could adopt for mine? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. 

If you’re curious how I pack my carry on – check out this post.

do you know how to pack your inflight survival kit?

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