La Surprise!

You might call it a quiet Tuesday morning for me in Montreal. My efforts to wake up early failed miserably, and then I just decided I would rather rest up than rush out into the city for an extra hour or two only to pay for it later. So instead, I’m slowly sipping my coffee, enjoying yogurt and granola and being thankful for the big windows and a view of the otherwise frigid outdoors.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of sorts. I was fortunate to be in on a little secret. Wilson was coming for some much needed R&R and family time on the mainland after a tough few months adjusting to South Sudan. With my schedule being as complicated as it is, she wanted to make sure we would see each other so I found three days where I could be in Vancouver and we even had the delight of surprising a few friends with the news she was in town! I warned them all I had a surprise for the evening but didn’t budge on details. The guesses that poured in by phone or by text message or through later conversation were pretty good but none of them guessed that it was, indeed, Wilson! Better luck next time I suppose…

All the same, I missed that girl a lot and it was so nice to spend a night out with the girls (and their husbands) and then the following day to just walk the city and watch the boats float on by in False Creek after our greasy diner breakfast.

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