I’m becoming more and more convinced that sometimes it’s good to just take a step back, take stock and think about what it is you need, want and where you’re going. I need a reminder, often, that today is not the whole story, it is merely a chapter in an ever unfolding story. I made a point of writing out my goals, dreams and gave myself another reminder of where I want to be going so I don’t feel trapped in this place. The next step, of course, will be the smaller more achievable goals to make it all possible but for now I want to fix my eyes on the fact that all things are possible to those who believe. It seems to me that any time we give up on what we really love and desire, the things that make us come alive, we rob the world of someone original and life giving. The world is changed by passionate people who go after things. I’ve been feeling for the last six months that in my unhappiness I rob joy out of the world rather than infusing it with more. More often than not I am exhausted, uninspired and unhappy but I don’t want this to be true of my life and so I had to go back a bit to remember what it is that really brings me joy and start putting those ideas before me often so that I look for opportunity when it comes available. I need to encourage myself to be strong, to be vulnerable and to be bold and aim high.

Pray that I can find the courage to go after my dreams and be unafraid, to trust that God is good that he longs for me to step into destiny and be who he made me to be and to learn the art of loving the process of getting there because in the end we never just “arrive.” We are on this journey and if we can’t enjoy it we’ve missed the greatest gift he’s given us. It is a fine art that I want to master.

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