Le Rythme

It seems that with every absence from this place I’m forced, in some measure, to start again near the beginning. January was no exception. I got bumped up on my flight and enjoyed good food, several glasses of Champagne and a little pampering that goes a long way on the overseas journey. I even managed to get in a few hours of shut eye so while I never had any difficulty adjusting my sleep patterns my head had not yet caught up with my feet! A couple days after my arrival, I found myself on the ground after a bicycle accident that had me feeling rather sheepish and disappointed that in my freedom I hadn’t even had a chance to get the groceries first! While most of my scrapes and bruises are healing up nicely, my wrist was pretty badly sprained and I still can’t seem to go a day without hurting it. My bread baking, running and workouts all put on hold because of the first tumble off a bike that I can recall. The very things I was looking forward to taken away before I even had a chance to enjoy them.

But while I may have had disappointing beginnings I’m finding my rhythm. Instead of creating the rhythm it seems to have been created for me after I fell sick and needed to book an appointment with the Dr. Each morning I had an appointment I’d get dropped in the village where I’d go to the hotel bar, which is really just an average French Café in the mornings, to have an espresso, a croissant and read my book until it was time. I couldn’t help enjoy the liveliness of the place as all the locals stopped in, discussed the current events and went on their way. After my appointment I’d get my baguette “tradition, pas trop cuit SVP!” from the bakery, wander slowly through the grocery store aisles and finally make the trek home along the forest path with all the goods in my grocery bag and the top lopped off my baguette.

I’m hoping to make it back on the bike today as I go into town to pick up the bread, of course, but also some toppings for a focaccia bread we’ll be taking to the neighbours house tonight for dinner and whatever other goodies I might find while I’m there!

Fingers crossed for no accidents today!

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