I’m gearing up for a market next week so in preparation this year I was saying I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted things to stand out so in an effort to work on that I decided to make a lino-stamp!

If you’ve never made one before you need a few things! Lino is the first item. I picked some up at an art shop locally. You will also need a lino cutter. The one I have came with several blades tucked into that handle. For this I used more of a straight blade as well and the smallest V-grooved blade. You’ll also need artwork which has been flipped as though in a mirror printed on paper and depending on how you’d like to print it you can use ink and a brayer (the roller to spread the ink) or you can use a typical stamp pad.

Since I make soap and I wanted something to print on the bags for some swag items I decided to make them in French and while it probably should have said “Savon par Olive” it says “Savon D’Olive” a simpler more concise wording which is close enough to what I’m saying to count. Ha! I just admitted that. Oh well…

To make the stamp I cut the piece of lino to the size of my artwork and used a glue stick to fasten the image on. Once that is done I used the straight blade to carefully make straight cuts along the side of the lettering and once completed used the v-groove to widdle away what remained in between. After you’ve completed all the carving attach it to something solid. I attached mine to a piece of acrylic but you could just as easily use a piece of scrap wood or something proportionally sized.

In the end I got a great stamp that looks lovely and little bags of swag with soap sampled and an unscented lip balm for those who arrive first at Got Craft! Voila!

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