As I suspected I won’t be going to Denver. It was fun to think about for a brief moment. Probably not helped by the fact I saw some photos of Wilsons friends in Tahoe thinking “it sure would be nice to be in the Rockies…”

This morning I woke up feeling great. I got out of bed with a little more spring in my step than usual, put on some leggings and a tank and got into round two of my workout. Ideally I’d make this a part of my morning routine… we’ll see. Even if it’s short, just to get started on the right foot. I wonder if I’d ever be mental enough to go running in the winter? Probably not, but you have to wonder at what point to you just want to torture yourself? Do you ever notice that trend? Before you know it I’ll be craving bike rides in the snow. Except that I probably won’t be… but people who get into fitness often find themselves craving the mad or insane eventually. I’m not sure that part of my brain was wired in that way.

But outside of fitness there’s business. I felt half hearted about the soap company this year. Not that I wanted to but knowing I’d be headed out in January also meant that I wasn’t sure what the future would hold for the company. I also felt half hearted after the spring shows and how exhausting that was. I still love it and want it to continue but I don’t do well in limbo. I know I’ll miss one of my big spring time sales in May and so part of me wondered if it’s possible to take a season off and still thrive? I don’t really like doing shows but they’re a great way to get yourself out there and bring in new customers among other things. Unexpectedly I started to the desire to strive for excellence regardless not to let it just burn out but to hit a home run this Christmas. Tomorrow night I hope to assemble some swag for a major blogging show in the new year but also for the lineup at Got Craft in a couple weeks. Having managed to make an excellent table display for $5 so surely with a little determination I can create something stunning on a budget for these giveaways. It has me a tad bit excited actually. The only thing that will limit me is myself! I only hope I can get a lot accomplished tomorrow if not I’ll be carting it with me to Vancouver on Saturday while Wilson gets her haircut. As we spend the day together we will cheers over coffee to the adventures this new year will hold and for great promise in all things including the soap. Time to start running for it!

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