Une amie du Maroc

Okay and again, here I thought I’d be all alone on Easter but to my surprise Anna was visiting from Morocco and I had been certain it’d be the weekend following, good thing I double checked with her a day or two in advance! We hadn’t seen each other for 3 years and when she left we assumed it might be the last time we crossed paths. Anna had been living just across the border in Washington and I in Cloverdale, her nearest neighbour. She was teaching in the Surrey public schools after completing her schooling at Simon Fraser University but had been applying for jobs overseas in hopes to do something a little different. We had met through a group of friends and her smile and easy going personality had always been rather attractive. For some people you know when they leave you might see them again but with her family living in Texas we just weren’t sure what she’d come back to and so of all times in life and of all places, I hadn’t entirely imagined we’d been meeting up in France. She kindly allowed me to stay with her in her hotel right off the main square and I showed her around to some of the places I would often frequent and introduced her to my favourite apple, the chantecler, apple cider in solid form! We each picked up a French flag and waved them proudly upon cracking a bottle of wine and eating a black/green coloured chevre cheese. I was a little scared if I’m perfectly honest, and I really didn’t expect her choice to take me by surprise. There’s just something scary about cheese that is black, but maybe that’s just me, here I thought I was adventurous (and I am) but I did feel a slight twang of fear but it turned out to taste really great! It was nice to have someone to meet up with, to show around, to appreciate the Riviera with me and a little more on the unexpected end. I guess Easter didn’t turn out so badly after all.

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