Ville De La Diversité

An early morning, an early drive to the airport only to have our flight cancelled… Nevertheless they flew us 1 hour to Toronto and we “babysat” the aircraft all taking seats just like passengers. Paid to sit and relax, sort of. I continued to watch the final part of a film that was recommended to me that has spanned the entire week. By 10 am we were already at our hotel and the whole day was free for the taking. Instead of sitting around my room or sleeping the day away as some of my crew did I leapt at the chance to be taken to a nearby mall that just so happened to be adjoined to a subway station. My phone was on the last of its little battery and I hoped that armed with a map I might do just fine.

Before long I was at the subway station looking the fool trying to buy my day pass for the TTC, a large clumsy card now adorned with sharpie, “JAN 10” and a blank stare at the turnstiles wondering how the heck it was supposed to work, a problem that never really did resolve… I swear the pass was just for a momento and not really something any of the drivers cared about.

I asked as many people as necessary to figure out where to get off and what to see and I found myself on Spadina wondering which way to Kensington market. After my clumsy steps in each direction I finally resolved where I thought I ought to go and was lucky to have guessed right. What I found wasn’t at all what I expected. I’d seen photos but it didn’t seem quite the same… lots of incense, lots of different people, many cheap wares but then a few gems as well. A little shop, Good Egg was first to really hit the mark for me. With my love of food and the spotting of Le Creuset pots inside, I knew I’d be happy and the collection of phenomenal cook books and knick knacks did not disappoint. I was likely saved only by the fact that I don’t have a home of my own right now or I might have wanted to pick something up!

Every shop I walked into seemed animated enough, notably a shopkeeper at a nearby art supply store who was kind enough to pass along a deal on a few pencils. At every turn I was being sent in another direction. By chance I found “Baldwin” which was a nice surprise and a good little walk toward the Art Gallery which must have been looking for me around every corner because I wasn’t even aware I was walking towards it but there it was, the Frank Gehry exterior singing into the streets and on the windows I read “FRIDA KHALO/DIEGO RIVERA” a perfect solo date! After hours looking through the gallery, enjoying what a great collection they have I’ve begun to realize my feet are SOOOOORRRREEEE. The night seems young but I decide perhaps it’s time to retire and use the little of my phone battery to try and find a way back and stumble upon a message from my brother in law to check out his friends shop, The Arthur in little Italy. I waiver back and forth whether or not my, now raw, feet can handle it but somehow I muster the courage to press on, the shop looks fascinating. Funny how yesterday I talked about wanting to walk until my feet hurt… I guess I took care of that! In any case, his friend Liz was lovely, the store is a gem and definitely worth a look see. I really had to hold myself back from a few different pieces of ceramics. I couldn’t help myself from buying some Juniper Ridge tea which I’ve been eyeing up at various shops for quite some time now. I’ll have to update once I have a taste!

After that I managed to make a seamless trip home, aside from the wincing with every step and greeted myself to a much needed bath and I started watching Downton Abbey… I heard it’s good but I haven’t seen enough to make an opinion yet.

Gooooood Night!

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