“It makes me think of plunging my hands and feet in water and watching it ripple out.”

It’s a game we started playing after the tea tasting a few weeks ago where you describe the thought that comes to mind after taking a sip of your drink. I had pulled a glass of white wine that smelled of mango, lychee and dragonfruit though no one remembers what kind of grape it was. All of us were huddled around the tables in the Provencal kitchen, two floors beneath my room, keeping warm by the roaring fire “oven.” Carafes of white and rose wines and a couple bottles of champagne were strewn amongst all of our many glasses and old classic songs played from little speakers in the corner. Keoni even played some jazz piano for me! What I expected to be a generic evening gathering had in fact been turned on its head as my birthday party. It was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise!

So that was last night and today was the morning I actually rolled awake to the tune of 28. The birds were chirping outside my open windows and it reminded me of summers spent with the Andersons at Mount Baker, waking up with the crunch of fir needle underfoot on the way to start a fire so we could all get toasty and warm and eventually roast marshmallows after lunch. I enjoyed a slow morning not rushing but just being reflective, thankful, and thinking about how many things I’d love to be doing with all the time ahead of me, even France hasn’t been able to slow that part down…

Ever since we threw Cheri a Jewish birthday a few years ago I’ve kept my own custom of reading the psalm for the year ahead (your age + 1 = your chapter for the year.) I miss all my close friends but I know how much she has cherished her time in New Zealand, just like my time in France, and I have to admit, I want to see her in her element. I miss our cooking dates and birthdays are nothing if not a cooking extravaganza! But onward shall we?

Because I have now graduated into my late 20’s I might as well mention 27 highlights of my 27th year of life. in no particular order

1. Kayaking and Scootering on the girls camping weekend
2. Food and Wine Festival in Arles
3. My townhouse, oh how I loved you townhouse you’re a piece of my city dream
4. Going to the island and gardening in my yellow dress with mom and dad and buying the canoeing paddle from Mr. Bustard.
5.Dance party with Wilson and Robyn at my house where we did the loop around my closet, through the bathroom, living room and bedroom. This is what dreams are made of.
6. Bonding with my big sister on the ferry ride home after our Nan died
7. All the cards that made me cry on the plane when I left Vancouver – being asked to be a bridesmaid for my favorite couple Andrew and Jenn!
8. Being proud to sit down at a café in Paris, alone, knowing I finally did it. I finally made it to France!
9. Breakfast dates before work with Cheri (and your birthday dinner!)
10. Hotel party with mom and the girls before I left
11. Biking over 30kms!
12. Living with the Rennicks for 2 months and walking the kids to school on Mondays and Fridays
13. Receiving letter upon letter from Wilson while she was away in Asia for 3 months and now my turn to write as many as I can to my friends back in Canadia!
14. Wine and Cheese Parties in the townhouse!
15. Learning French recipes! Food in general…
16. Skating on Beaver Lake in Montreal with Andrea and Nicki
17. Day trips around the South of France with Gunta and Janis
18. Adventures with Wilson! – First date, Seattle road trip, California, Italy, Croque Mme’s, Snowshoeing, the Symphony…
19. Getting makeup and hair done before we planned an outing with Jenn and Wilson
20. Learning how much I love my friends and family and realizing just how much they love me back.
21. Having Lesley, Travis, Anna come visit!
22. All the chats with Cheri from afar
23. Ice Slides in Quebec with my aunt and uncle
24. Gluten-free Thanksgiving
25. My great church family at the River. Sure it started at 26 but it only got better and better.
26. Climbing at Comox Lake
27. Dancing, with or without others, just dancing. I love it.

Welcome to the world twenty eight!

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  • grantMay 5, 2012 - 03:55

    Happy Birthday Christina !!ReplyCancel

  • michaelMay 19, 2012 - 16:39

    Your images beautifully reflect the joy and wonder in your heart, and help set us free to live life to the fullest. You are gift.ReplyCancel

  • NickiJune 1, 2012 - 20:45

    Happy (very very belated) birthday Christina! May 28 be full of all kinds of new experiences, new friends, and all kinds of unforgettable memories. Blessings to you, my friend.ReplyCancel

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