Flâner à Paris

When I left Canada my boss had said to me, “If I come to France, can I visit?”

I said sure but didn’t really expect him to to call me on it. It wasn’t that he came to visit me but that he needed help in Paris so I flew up for the week to work away, to translate and to keep up on all the tasty foods. Tasty foods, which I regret I did not photograph for fear of looking incredibly silly but suffice it to say it was course after course of delicious food and there was never a lull at the table. The glasses were always full and the plates were always set with something tasty on top. Have you tasted Michelin quality foods? I have… a few times now and I have to say, it’s unfortunate we can’t eat like this every day.

Most of the time I was chained to my computer trying to make things work against their will and drinking copious amounts of espresso, when I did have a chance here and there to wander, I had a few things that were necessary destinations.

On my first trip to Paris I’d missed out on the Luxembourg gardens, lucky for me since April was a MUCH better time to promenade through a garden. January proved to be rather lifeless in the gardeners world but April the trees are green, the flowers start to show their petals and life begins to emerge. One thing I love about this city is that you can wander for hours and hours and easily see something new at every corner. You’re likely to find yourself in the most interesting of places and because they’re unexpected they’re so much better. Eventually in the Latin Quarter it was necessary to stop for a sweet crepe! The guy must have thought me completely daft! I asked if I could take photos while he worked and he was happy to have me do so but when he finished I’d been so caught up that I forgot to pay him and he questioned me in some sort of riddle I didn’t understand and eventually said, “what am I paying” (in french of course) MY GOODNESS did I feel bad… so I handed him the cash not realizing it wasn’t the right amount, started to walk off and then he informed me it wasn’t enough. Ugh – talk about feeling like a crappy tourist… But the point of the story isn’t that I was the awful client but rather that this was the BEST crepe I’ve had yet! It had a whole banana in it and it was oozing with Nutella, a product I don’t normally like except when it’s in a crepe. I have his card somewhere so if you’re in Paris, I’ll give you his address you HAVE to go just maybe don’t mention me…

It was a long week, but I truly appreciated wandering St. Germain, getting caught in a freak hail/rain storm that lasted 10 minutes and had me completely drenched and dripping and smiling just thankful to be able to experience it in full, even if I was wearing cotton shoes.

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