Une année en Provence

A few weeks ago my mom told me about the book, A Year in Provence. It’s been on my mind here and there ever since. She also mentioned recently that we, as her family, are part of her small sphere of influence, which I think is quite the honor and apparently it goes both ways. I love my mom and my mom loves books. With my new schedule and entering into a new season of life I really want to prioritize reading. I want to be invigorated by words and carried away in the imagery it creates.

So I run into the trouble of having seen this book on AbeBooks for $4 including shipping, but then I acquire yet another thing that adds bulk and I shouldn’t be packing with me. So I keep thinking about E-Book readers. Maybe a silly thought at this point, but they’re just thoughts, not actions. I was looking at the Kindle Touch yesterday, they’re $99 and it’s one more thing to “own” but part of me wonders if it’d be nice for train travel. I also wonder if it’s the best one out there or not. There are so many free e-books so being able to access those is a big deal but also being able to download off Amazon is key since they have so many good books, some of which I doubt are available through other distributors. I can’t really justify it, but I can dream. It seems I have bigger fish to fry like a place to live for Nov, Dec that fits within my price range but who’s keeping track?

In any case – it’s the idea of this book. To read another man’s experience with cold stone housing, the mistrals, the food, the wine and all that comes with it. I could use further inspiration. N’est-ce pas?

{side note: dear insensitive bantering coworkers, there is no distance in which a mistress is ever acceptable}

Update – apparently the new kobo is compatible with the android apps but they’re twice the price. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Update #2 – What am I even thinking!? I’ll have a laptop and an android phone. Thus I’m covered for both moments where I’m traveling with more or with less. I have the kindle app and the android apps. Silly me. I’m glad that after three posts I’ve come to my senses.

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